The partnership with Lloyd Waxman and Associates is one we cherish. Their company has been in business since 1979 providing men’s clothing at wholesale prices. LiquidFly is proud to help Lloyd Waxman and Associates implement their vision through their logo, website quality, and marketing strategy. Updating the image of the company with the revised logo, was one of the first task undertaken by our company. From there, LiquidFly Designs has successfully updated the old version of the website into a more advanced e-commerce site while providing ongoing maintenance and support. This has significantly improved and simplified the daily processes and operations, allowing Lloyd Waxman and Associates to concentrate more on delivering impeccable service to their clients. By focusing more on brand building through technology, web solutions and social media marketing, LiquidFly Designs has contributed to increased sales. This close working relationship proves that shared values and commitment can make a difference in business success.