LiquidFly Designs outstanding relationship with OZCO Building Products has helped to drive a single brand into the multifaceted company it is today. By creating consistent branding with a truly recognizable style, LiquidFly Designs collaborates with OZCO to develop an array of diverse products under this umbrella. LiquiFly Designs has integrated brand recognition into the entire line of OZCO Building Products including their newests, and most successful to date, Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT). As OZCO has continued to grow, Liquidfly Designs has met their ever changing challenges through a more robust SEO driven website with an extensive catalog style e-commerce and links to videos, images and technical data material. Also Liquidfly Designs has worked with OZCO to generate a series of successful social media and email campaigns with a direct increase of followers from a few hundred to thousands. It has been and continues to be a pleasurable collaboration between OZCO and Liquidfly Designs that is inspired by a shared passion for the best design be it web, social media, or packaging.