Serving the Plano area (Texas) since 1965, Plano Pest Control provides pest control services, to include termite inspections, flea and tick control, etc. The business has been growing for a several years now and they needed assistance with website and marketing solutions to be able to further the progress of the organization. LiquidFly then became a reliable partner initiating effective brand building steps through marketing and web solutions. Specifically, we have created a set of new images and company signs that are printed on business cards, car wrappings, and decals. As a result, people easily recognize Plano Pest Control’s brand in the running when they look for similar services, thus lending a competitive edge to the company. Due to the professionally developed marketing collateral, the company received more recognition, which elevated the brand even higher. LiquidFly has also made significant updates to Plan Pest Control website by integrating forms for quote request, general contact and sign-up for maintenance option, making the site more user-friendly. Because of the fruitful collaboration between the companies, Plano Pest Control is now well equipped for further growth and development.