Monrovia’s vision to grow only the healthiest, highest quality plants has perfectly come together with LiquidFly Designs passion to help companies translate their vision into the media. With the Monrovia’s motto “Grow Beautifully”, the website had to conform to the slogan. LiquidFly Designs has been successfully helping with the Monrovia’s sites migration making custom enhancements to the main site, shopping section, and blog. Thus, not only trees and shrubs at Monrovia have a stunning texture and shape but also their website’s structure and media. LiquidFly Designs is now providing ongoing maintenance of Monrovia’s e-commerce site that contains 3,800 plants with over 300 exclusive plant patents, ensuring trouble-free performance while allowing them to acquire new customers for the business. Additionally, with the development and analytic integration of API, ERP, and CRM authored by LiquidFly, Monrovia’s philosophy (to help every plant – and every gardener – Grow Beautifully) is now gracefully displayed on their website.